Advice before - after makeup and hairstyle 

If you are staying in a hotel:
         - Please text your hotel room number to James Adisai's mobile 078 6730 8869 at least 2 hours before the appointment time.
         - Please make sure that your hotel check in name is the same name you have given to us.
Please allow 30 min extra for a home visit service at your home (e.g. setting up, filling a consultation form and packing up).

Preparation before your makeup
          - Please let us know what your skin tone is. If you can reply to our email with your current facial picture to us that will be the best for our preparation.
          - For Male Makeup / Drag Makeup please shave about 2 - 3 hours before your makeup to avoid sensitive skin, bleeding etc.
          - Before we arrive, you will need to wash your face, apply very little moisturiser (just enough to avoid dry skin) and avoid wearing any type of makeup nor cream that has colour.

Makeup removal
          - Most of our makeup are long lasting porfessional products and for the best result:
          - If you have thick eyebrows (for Drage Makeup), we may need to groom your eyebrows with a eyebrow grooming glue. You will need to prepare Jonhnson’s Baby Oil and cotton pads for the removal.
          - You will need Water Proof Eye Makeup Removal applying with a cotton pad to remove your eye makeup and water proof mascara.
          - For the best cleaning result for the rest of your face we would like to suggest you to clean your face with facial cleansing milk / cleansing lotion.
          - Apply the cleansing lotion/milk on your face using fingers circular massaging your face.
          - Apply facial cleansing foam/ liquid on a wet face and rinse with slightly warm water.
          - Dry your face gently, apply toner and moisturiser, then you are done

Preparation before your hairstyle
          - Please let us know what your current hairstyle is. If you can send an email with your current facial picture and hairstyle to us that will be the best for my preparation
          - Wash your hair the night before without using hair conditioner. Please do not applying any hair product on after washing your hair.
          - Your hair need to be dry before we arrive.

Advice Before - After Facial Treatments
          - Facial treatmet should be done at least 10 - 14 days before your wedding day.
          - If you plan to have a facial treatment somewhere else before your wedding day pelase consult with me first.

Care after facial treatments
            - Neither wash your face with very warm or very cold water for 24 hours.
            - Absolutely no sunbed’s or sun exposure for at least 48 hours.
            - Avoid touching your face for 24 hours afterwards.
            - Facials can cause acnes or pimples after the treatment as the skin is clearing itself. Do not try to break the acnes or pimples and let them dry naturally.
            - Certain creams or moisturizers will ensure that you skin does not suffer too much, the therapist will advise.

Facial Threading
          - If you are thinking to have a threading done on your face. We sugguest that you should have it done at least 7 - 10 days before your wedding days. It’s possible that after threading you could develop follliculities, an infection of the hair follicles which is not a good idea to wear makeup on top of the infection.

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