Makeup Lesson For Men

Nowadays men take care more of their skin and pay more attention their look. There are many cosmetic and makeup for guys in the markets. 

My Makeup For Men Lesson will give the right techniques and knowledge so guys can wear makeup and enhance their natural look including product guide line and tips how to take care of your facial skin.  No one will hardly notice that you are wearing a makeup! 

This lesson is very useful when you have a job interview, business meeting, public speaking, dinner date and for any other special occasions.

MEN MAKEUP LESSON  / One to one tutorial at James Adisai Studio.

  • Price: £150   (price for a home visit please call)
  • Lesson time: 3 hours

What’s included with your makeup lesson:

  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Everything you need for this lesson will be provided including make up and brushes. 
  • Coffee, tea and bottled water.

Come to study with a friend 50% discount for the second student! 

(e.g. average only £112.50 per person for 3 Hours Men Makeup Lesson when you study with a friend)


Good to know:  

  • All clients are required to be at least 18 years old to attend makeup lessons.
  • My personal makeup lessons are designed for self-makeup application and one to one tutorial. There is no need to bring a model with you. If there is a need for a model then you can use my face :-)
  • If you would like to come to study with 1 friend, the fee for the extra student(s) is only 50% of the full price per person. So you can share the cost between all of you. 
    • For examples :
      • The total fee for the 3 hours Men Makeup Lesson for total 2 students is £225 which means the avarage price per a student is £112.50.
  • I only take a maximum of 2 clients per lesson to ensure that you recieve adequate attention and they must come together.
  • Please let me know in advance if you would like to bring an extra student(s) with you as I will need to prepare extra tutorial materials.
  • You are very welcome to bring your own makeup and brushes to the lesson.
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