How to apply facial cream effectively

Happy New Year 2017 to everyone! I hope you all have a great time. Time is flying away and we are all getting a bit older every year!

Many people may not believe me when I told them about my age. One of my little secrets is taking care of facial skin beside doing exercise regularly and having good diet. These help to save some years!  A face lift surgery could be the last thing that I can think about!  :-)

I wrote about how to select facial cream on my last blog. This time is about how to apply facial cream to get the most of it!


Let’s start :-)

  • You should apply cream immediately after your facial skin cleansing to avoid skin becoming too dry.
  • Apply cream with a finger tips as little dots over your face but avoiding eyes areas.  
  • Never use day or night cream near your eye areas. You should use separate eye cream for the eye areas. Day cream and night cream have difference consistancies and they are too rich to use on your eye areas.
  • Use 2 or 3 fingers to massage cream in to your facial skin with circular upward motion. This is a good way to give your face an exercise like making your face going to a gym :-) (Using 2 or 3 fingers is a good way to help to save your cream as it does not go all over your hands)
  • Keep changing your cream every 3 - 4 month. You can keep using your favourite brands for example in a year you can use the same 3 or 4 of your favourite brands.

So, looking 5 - 10 years younger is not a difficult goal!  Good luck with your facial skin taking care routine and see you soon on my next blog. 

X, James Adisai

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