How to choose day cream and night cream

A good day cream and a good night cream can save and keep you staying away from cosmetic surgey including popular cosmetic injections. I don’t want to speak about my age here too much as many of you may be surprised if you knew my age. I use day cream and night cream every day and night. It’s part of my daily facial skin care routines.

There are so many brands in the market with different prices. A good cream does not have to be expensive but it must work on your skin, showing enough good result and the most important thing doesn’t give any allergy to your skin. There are a few simple tips of choosing the right day cream and night cream. This is how to select day cream and night cream! 


Day cream:

  • If you have a sensitive skin, look for fragrance-free and oil-free option.
  • Look for a day cream with SPF 15 that helps to protect your skin from UV in summer. 
  • You may look for a richer day cream if the weather is dry and it’s a cold winter to protect your face from drying out.

Night cream:

  • Choose a night cream with the right formular that is suitable with your skin type e.g. night cream for 30 years old up, anti wrinkle formula and anti ageing, night cream for dry skin.
  • If your skin is sensitive, you should avoid products containing harsh ingredients and select the boosting formular, pure and healing one. Organic ingredients may be the best option for you.

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