Hi, I am James Adisai, the makeup artist. Thanks for visiting my webisite. Please let me give a little introduction of myself to you :-)

I was born in Thailand as Adisai ..… oops! there are too many letters to type and hardly no one can pronounce it  (Thai names can be very long with funny pronounciation :-) )  So please call me James Adisai as it’s my artist name. 

I come from a Thai and Japanese background, both of which have beauty and attention to details as a big part of their culture. I have interests in art and science since I was young that led me to train as a makeup artist with a famous cosmetic company while I had a university break in summer during my completion of a bachelor degree in science. After my student years I followed my artistic passion using my makeup skill to work with various performing artists to provide makeup and beauty services for professional shows, both in Asia and Europe.

Makeup is a mixture between art and science to me such as using colour theory, facial structure and lines plus the art of applying makeup to enhance peoples' look. I believe that a good makeup artist can enhance everyone's look. I am skilled and experienced with all skin type, tones and facial features. It doesn’t matter what skin tone you have I can enhance your look. I also offer personal makeup lessons to those who would like to be their own makeup artist or to their friends and family.

Over the last 20 years in the beauty industry I have undertaken makeup in many styles depending on my client's preference. I am also trained in hairstyling and qualified in beauty therapy and teaching. I have a strong sense of beauty and I only use products from leading brands in the market and professional brands those well known by professional makeup artists to give the best results to my clients. 

So you can be sure that I and my team are the right beauticians to enhance your look and pamper you with high beauty standard. 

Looking forward to working with you.


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