Terms, Conditions and Safety

James Adisai Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with a company number 10649563.
Our trading websites are www.jamesadisai.comwww.dragdreams.uk and www.blossomandbliss.co.uk.

We are a professional beauty business with high standards and we wish to practise our professional and the same standards to every of our client. When you use our services or purchase products from us you agree to our terms and conditions below:

1. The beauty treatments that offer at James Adisai Studio are makeup, personal makeup tutorial, hairstyling and facial. The other treatments are only available for a home visit at your home or at our partner beauty spa.

2. Full payment is required for corporate clients, big events, all wedding makeup, wedding hairstyle and all trials for wedding makeup and hairstyle. This is to give you one less thing to worry about your big day and guarantee your appointment as we will not be taking other appointments at your selected time. It’s refundable as long as you give a notice at least 3 weeks prior your trial or wedding day. Pay for wedding makeup & hair services

3. A deposit bewtween 50% - 85% of full treatment/service price is required to secure your appointment. A full payment may be required for vary treatments/services. Your deposit is redeemable against any product or service. The deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation. Pay Deposit

4. We accept deposit payments through this website and through our Online Booking system.

5. The deposit payment must be done in the name of the person who books the service. If someone else makes a deposit payment for you, this must be clearly crarified with us.

6. The balance payment by card is required at the time of the appointment. If you need a receipt please let us know. Receipt will be sent to your email as we have a paperless policy.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH AT ALL.

7. No guests are allowed with you during any treatment.

8. Children are not allowed as a guest to James Adisai Studio.

9. Pets are not allowed at James Adisai Studio.

10. Please DO NOT use mobile phone during makeup service. This can help the job to be faster.

11. All clients must not attend without making an appiontment.

12. Please do not arrive exesively early at James Adisai Studio. If that’s the case please text or call to check with us.

13. CCTV and security systems (sush as Police Alert) are in operation 24/7 at James Adisai Studio for your security.

14. Your phone call and the coversations maybe recorded. This is for training purpose and security reasons.

15. Food, drinks and alcohol are not allowed at James Adisai Studio except soft drinks in a well sealed container. 

16. Video or sound recording is not allowed during any treatments and lessons.

17. Prices listed on this website are prices at James Adisai Studio only.

18. Extra fee for home/hotel visit:
      - Extra Fee is required for a home/hotel visit appointment (except bridal/groom makeup & hair in N7, NW1, N1, N4, N5, N6, N19 and NW5)
     - Extra Fee £50 is required for a home/hotel visit appointment in N7, NW1, N1, N4, N5, N6, N19 and NW5.
     - Extra Fee £100 is required for a home/hotel visit appointment for other London areas, south of the north circular and north of the river.
     - Extra Fee for other areas may vary according to your location. Outside London areas Extra Fee is based on travelling time and actual travel cost (e.g. train ticket, fuel and taxi)

19. Clients are required to pay traveling expenses, parking fees and accommodation for example for weddings.

20. Bank Holiday Surcharge is 30% extra of the treatment price.

21. Early Morning Fee £40 for all home visit appointments at your home before 6am.

22. All trials are carried out at James Adisai Studio as it’s fully equipped. This enable us to know what to use and bring on the wedding day. An extra fee is required for home visit trials. 

23. A £180 non-refundable deposit is required at time of reservation for all bridal packages (except package Bridal Makeup & Hair A). This £180 deposit will cover makeup and hair trial fee for your selected package. It will be deducted from the full packages cost when you decide to continute with bridal makeup and hair on your wedding day.

24. A £210 non-refundable deposit is required at time of reservation for package Bridal Makeup & Hair A .This £210. deposit will cover your trial makeup (with normal long lasting foundation) and hair trial fee. It will be deducted from the full package cost when you decide to continue with bridal makeup and hair on your wedding day. Full payment is required in advance for this package.

25. When your treatment/service time and date are agreed, any changes of appointment date and time or cancelation can be made:
          -  At least 72 hours (3 days) notice prior your appointment for treatment/service shorter than 1.5 hours session.
          -  At least 7 days notice prior your appointment for treatment/service that lasts longer than 1.5 hours session.

26. If you are late more than 20 minutes for a treatment/service that lasts shorter than 1 hour 30 minutes. We will not be able to carry out the treatment/service. Your deposit payment won't be refunded.

27. If there is a refund for your products, a 20% refund fee will be chared per transaction.

28. If there is a refund of your deposit payment for services/treatments, a 50%  - 70% refund fee will be charged per transaction.

29. When your appointment time and date are agreed, if client fails to receive the treatment without giving us any notice in advance (for example a last minute cancelation). There will still be a charge as a price of one treatment. If you used a gift voucher to book your appointment and you missed your appointment, your gift voucher will be autometically expired.
30. Covid19 & Your Appoitment:
Our beauty therapists are fully Covid vaccinated x 4 or 5 jabs. If you are unable to attend your appointment with the reason that you have tested Covid positive please be aware that you must inform us at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance for appointment/treatment that shorter than 2 hours.  Inform us at least 5 days in advance for appointment/treatment longer than 2 hours. Your deposit payment is not refundable but you can reshedule your appointment with the following feee. Proof of your positive Covid test is required.
       - Reschedule fee £30 for service/treatment that has value up to £100.
       - Reschedule fee £50 for service/treatment that has value higher than £100.
Please remind that we work hard to keep our availabilities to give service to you. Cancelation at short notice is not ideal as it’s unlikely that we will not find another job to replace the slot you cancel. Short notice cancelation and asking for refund of your deposit payment will not be accepted.

31. A non-refundable deposit £100 (for normal foundation) or £130 (for airbrush) is required at time of reservation for all groom packages. (This deposit will cover your groom makeup trial fee. It will be deducted from the full packages cost when you decide to continue on your wedding day).

32. An available balance of your Beauty Account is non refunable but you can exchange it within 3 years with our products, treatments and services.

33. The outstanding payment is required at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding day appointment.

34. Fee for extra hours touching up on location is £40 per client per hour.

35. Clients who are redeeming gift vouhcers for a service/treatment at James Adisai Studio may be required to pay £10 refundable deposit. This is to secure your slot and avoid no show clients. This £10 deposit is fully refundable at the end of your appointment.

36. Facial gift vouchers can be used at James Adisai Studio only.

37. Facial gift voucher is not exchange able for cash, products, cosmetics, discount or other beauty treatments.

38. Other type of gift vouchers and Blossom and Bliss Gift Cards can not exchage able for cash. They can be exchanged for the other beauty treatments with similar value or high value service upon payment of the difference.

39. Gift vouchers are not exchange able for products and cosmetics.

40. Blossom and Bliss Gift Cards can be exchanged with all of our services, treatments, products and cosmetics.

41. Gift vouchers and Blossom and Bliss Gift Cards can be refunded within 14 days of purchasing to original buyer only.  It’s not refundable if your appointment has been booked.  Administration refund fee £50 will be applied per gift voucher/gift card.

42. Your ID is requried to use gift vouchers/gift card.

43. Minimum order of waxing treatment(s) is £25 per client.

44. Waxing, pedicure, manicure and massage (which is part of your wedding package) are available for home visit or at our partner salon/spa only.

45. When group discount applies. The total discount will be deducted from your final payment.

46. Should you suffer from sensitive skin or allergies to any cosmetic products, such as eyelash glue, foundations etc. In benefit for our makeup artists and our clients, it is important that you let us know well in advance.

47. When your final payment has made it means you are happy with our service/treatment.

48. If there is any modifcation to the service provided clients must let our therapists/artists know immediatly after their service while you are still with our therapist/artist at our studio and before final payment.

49. All clients must be at least 18 years old to receive a service. If younger, a parent or guardian must attend the service. Your ID may be required to prove your age.

50. We may ask you to show your ID, this is for insurance purposes.

51. Clients must fill and sign a consultation form before the treatment start.
52. Your full name on consultation form must be the same as your ID, this is for insurance purposes.

53. All visitors to James Adisai Ltd will be required to sign a visitor form.

54. Your personal information is protected in accordance with the UK Data Protection Legislation (the Data Protection Act 1998).

55. We do not share customer details with any 3rd parties.

56. We reserve the right to refuse to book or give treatments if we consider the request is not appropriate.

57. We are a professional beauty business who promotes equality, diversity and integration. We have ZERO Tolerance Policy. Any physical, verbal, online bullying or racial discriminations, asaults and harrasments to our therapists/staff will be brought up with our legal team and the police without any exception.

58. When you use our services your photo(s) may be published on www.jamesadisai.com, our other websites www.blossomandbliss.co.ukwww.dragdreams.uk and our social medias as an example of our work anonymously. The removal can be arranged if you wish.

59. It’s useful to read FAQs about your makeup and hairstyle and Advice Before - After Your Treatments.

60. Please read our Return Policy and Delivery.

Professional Makeup Services

day makeup-london-day-make-up.jpeg
evening makeup-london-makeup-artist.jpeg
bridal makeup-london-bride-makeup.jpeg
special occasion-makeup-London.jpeg
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drag makeup-london-drag-make-up-cross-gender-makeup
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More Makeup Services
& Beauty Treatments

Makeup For Asian - Oriental & Eye Enhancement

Special makeup techniques to create a more opened appearance of the eyes for East Asian and South East Asian clients.

makeup for-chinese-london.jpeg
makeup hair-london-make-up-artists.jpeg

Makeup & Hair Packages

Glamorous makeup and hairstyle package for day out, night out and for any special occasions. 

Bridal Makeup & Hair Packages

Great value beauty packages for brides and bridsmaids that come with makeup, hairstyle and beauty treatments.

bridal makeup-hair-london-uk.jpeg
london makeover-experience-service.jpeg

Makeover & Photo Shoot

A makeover experience with makeup application, hairstyling and photo shoot at our studio. 


Hairstyings for your day out, night out and for any spcial occasions.

hairstyle london-hair-up.jpeg
facial north-london-facials.jpeg


Enjoy being pampered with our facial treatments for a fresher youthful looking facial skin.

personal makeup-shopping-service-1.jpeg

Personal Makeup Shopping

Let us shop your cosmetics for you to suit with your personaly style and budget.

hen party-spa-party-london.jpeg

Hen Party - Spa Party

It's time for a pampering party! make a fun party before your bestfriend's wedding day.

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