Birthday Specials £79 for Day/Evening Makeup and £109 for Airbrush Makeup.
We are upgrading our online shop. Orders between 25th May and 20th June will be dispatched last week of June.

Portfolio Before - After

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Professional Makeup Services

day makeup-london-day-make-up.jpeg
evening makeup-london-makeup-artist.jpeg
bridal makeup-london-bride-makeup.jpeg
special occasion-makeup-London.jpeg
male make-up-artist-london-men-makeup%203.jpeg
drag makeup-london-drag-make-up-cross-gender-makeup
airbrush makeup-artists-london-2.jpeg
makeup lessons-london.jpeg

More Makeup Services
& Beauty Treatments

Makeup For Asian - Oriental & Eye Enhancement

Special makeup techniques to create a more opened appearance of the eyes for East Asian and South East Asian clients.

makeup for-chinese-london.jpeg
makeup hair-london-make-up-artists.jpeg

Makeup & Hair Packages

Glamorous makeup and hairstyle package for day out, night out and for any special occasions. 

Bridal Makeup & Hair Packages

Great value beauty packages for brides and bridsmaids that come with makeup, hairstyle and beauty treatments.

bridal makeup-hair-london-uk.jpeg
london makeover-experience-service.jpeg

Makeover & Photo Shoot

A makeover experience with makeup application, hairstyling and photo shoot at our studio. 


Hairstyings for your day out, night out and for any spcial occasions.

hairstyle london-hair-up.jpeg
facial north-london-facials.jpeg


Enjoy being pampered with our facial treatments for a fresher youthful looking facial skin.

personal makeup-shopping-service-1.jpeg

Personal Makeup Shopping

Let us shop your cosmetics for you to suit with your personaly style and budget.

hen party-spa-party-london.jpeg

Hen Party - Spa Party

It's time for a pampering party! make a fun party before your bestfriend's wedding day.

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